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We are a leading manufacturer and trader of commodities with specialization in oil drilling, energy and metal sectors. As an integrated trading house with worldwide operational presence, our objective is to constantly seek and create balanced trade opportunities for the producers and end users.


BASO Global was created to be a platform for management and control of the sales, marketing, financing, operations and logistics for two of the leading commodity trading firms with strategic investments in manufacturing of oil drilling minerals and chemicals

The company has since then extended its reach globally and created a diversified product/service portfolio. The in-house expertise in every aspect of supply chain (processing, storage, logistics, trade finance, and analytics) enables sustainable trade relationships and create value.

What We Do

We are a leading manufacturer of minerals and chemicals catering to the requirement of oil drilling, energy and metal industry. By representing, controlling and supporting a network of assets in mining and manufacturing we are ideally placed to meet the requirements of industry globally. Our business focuses on creating value for our own production and production sourced from third party by investing in sustainable technology, improved logistics, efficient financing and advanced quality control.

We work closely with our customers understanding their technical and commercial requirements at all stages. Combining our expertise in processing, sourcing, logistics and financing we regularly liaise with our customers to deliver value added products and solutions.

Business Model

Access and Develop
Process and Manufacture
Storage and Logistics
Trade Finance


We utilize our investment acumen, industrial experience and real time market knowledge in accessing and developing products which have a potential for long term sustenance and growth.


Investing in most modern and cost efficient technology we aim to create value for our third party producers and our own production.


We operate state of the art warehouses globally. These storage facilities are located at both supply and demand countries. This effectively reduces the lead time and inventory expenses for the customer and enables the producers to increase capacities significantly.


We provide creative financing solutions to our customers and producers with the perspective of enabling higher volumes and hence benefit from economies of scale.


We represent a network of producers and our own production. Our trading team engages with customers from diverse sectors and utilize the market data and analytics in devising the right strategy for each product and its origin or destination.